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H3C S3110-SI series switch is safe and easy to use


High performance and flexible expansion ability

H3C S3110-SI series switches support all port line speed forwarding, to meet user demand for high bandwidth. S3110-SI series switch is supports at least 2 or 4 port Gigabit uplink and SFP ports can support 100m optical module, can also support gigabit optical module, in reducing the user cost at the same time, better considered the actual needs of the users for subsequent upgrades. H3C S3110-SI series switches using patented technology, the stack allows the switch to realize multi 16 devices using a dedicated interconnecting cable, the largest extension to 768 10/100M ports, mixed stack support different port device. Plug and play with a single IP management. At the same time, greatly reduce the cost of system expansion, protect user investment.

Network management and maintenance of enhanced ease of use

H3C S3110-SI series switches support remote upgrade by FTP, TFTP equipment, support SNMP v1/v2/v3, can support the common network management platform Open View, and iMC intelligent management center. Support the CLI command line, Web network, TELNET, the equipment management more convenient. And support SSH2.0 encryption, making management more secure.

H3C S3110-SI series switches support VCT (Virtual Cable Test) cable detection function, easy to quickly locate the fault point.

Rich business support ability

H3C S3110-SI series switches support port speed and flow rate limiting function, to prevent malicious misappropriation of network bandwidth, but also provides a means for the fine management of network bandwidth.

H3C S3110-SI series switches support sp (strict priority), WRR (weighted round robin), SP+WRR three kinds of queue scheduling algorithm, each port support eight output queue can be in different priority packets into the output queue at the port.

H3C S3110-SI series switches support rich IPv6 management functions, including IPv6 unicast address configuration, ICMPv6, IPv6, neighbor discovery protocol (ND), IPv6-TCP, IPv6-TFTP, IPv6-TRACERT management features. In addition, S3110-SI series Ethernet switches also supports IPV6 business features rich, including IPv6 ACL, QoS, multicast etc..

The function of protection professional

H3C S3110-SI series switches using professional built-in protection technology, support industry-leading 6kV business port ability, make it in a relatively poor working environment can greatly reduce the rate of damage to the equipment.

Green energy

H3C S3110-SI series switch fanless mute design, greatly reduce the power consumption and fault point, at the same time to reduce the radiation and radiation standards of household electric appliances, no harm to human body.

Variety of green energy saving design with H3C S3110-SI series switches, such as auto-power-down (port automatic energy-saving), if in a period of interface state is always down, is system automatic stop of the interface power supply automatically enter power-saving mode. Support a key energy saving mode, the control device indicator lights off and state / port energy saving and reduce energy consumption. Support the energy-saving function of the EEE port if in continuous time idle, the system will setting the port to energy-saving mode, when to send and receive messages through time to send the monitoring stream wake port recovery business, to achieve energy-saving effect.

H3C S3110-SI series switches to meet the material environmental protection and safety of the EU RoHS standard.


S3110-SI series switch product specifications:





exchange capacity






Admin Port

1 Console port

Fixed port

8 10/100Base-TX Ethernet ports, 2 10/100/1000Base- Ethernet ports and 2 multiplexed 100/1000Base-X SFP port

24 10/100Base-TX Ethernet ports, 2 10/100/1000Base- Ethernet ports and 2 multiplexed 100/1000Base-X SFP port

48 10/100Base-TX Ethernet ports, 2 10/100/1000Base- Ethernet ports and 2 100/1000Base-X ports SFP


Supports IEEE 802.3x flow control (full duplex)

Support broadcast storm suppression based on port bandwidth percentage


Support LACP

Support manual polymerization

Support the maximum port aggregation group: port number /2, each aggregation group supports a maximum of 8 ports


Support port based on VLAN

Support based on VLAN

Support GVRP

The two layer ring network protocol



Support IRF LITE stack technology

Maximum support 16 device stack


IGMP Snooping v1/v2/v3

MLD Snooping v1/v2

VLAN multicast


Support port mirroring

Flow mirror support


Support L2 ~ L4 packet filtering function, message before 80 byte matching, based on source address, destination address and source IP address, destination IP address, IP address protocol, TCP / UDP port, TCP / UDP port range and VLAN ACL definition.

Support VLAN port, issued based on ACL

Based on the time period (Time Range) ACL

Support IPv6 and QoS based on ACL hardware


Support Diff-Serv QoS

Each port supports 8 output queue

Support 802.1p/DSCP priority mapping

Support queue scheduling mechanism (SP, WRR, SP+WRR)

Priority marker Mark/Remark

Support packet filtering based on stream

Flow redirection based on support

Flow speed based on support

Safety features

User management and password protection

Support Guest VLAN

Support IEEE / 802.1X certification certification.

Support AAA&RADIUS&HWTACACS authentication

Support address learning limit

Support the address of the black hole

Support SSH 2, provide a safe encryption channel for user login

Support SSL, secure data transmission

Support HABP

Protected VLAN

Support IP source address protection

Support the anti Dos attack

Support broadcast message suppression

Support by the main data backup mechanism

Support IP port binding, IP+ binding, port binding IP++ port binding function


Support DHCP Relay

Support DHCP Client

Support DHCP Snooping

Support DHCP Snooping Option82

management and maintenance

Support the Console/AUX Modem/Telnet/SSH2.0 command line configuration

Support FTP, TFTP, Xmodem, SFTP file download management

Support SNMP V1/V2c/V3

Support RMON

Support NTP clock

Support system log

Support cluster management

Support intelligent management center H3C iMC

input voltage

AC:100V ~ 240V AC, 50/60Hz AC 47Hz ~ 63Hz ~ 264V;

The maximum power consumption

Less than 8W

Less than 12W

Less than 22W

Dimensions (w * D * h)

(unit: mm)

266 x 162 x 44


440 x 173 x 44

440 x 173 x 44

(full weight distribution)

Less than 1kg

Less than 2.2kg

Less than 2.3kg

ambient temperature

Working environment temperature: 0 to 45 DEG C

Storage temperature: -40 to 70 DEG C

ambient humidity

Environment humidity: 5% ~ 95% (non condensing)

Storage environment humidity: 5% ~ 95% (non condensing)


Access to campus network solutions

Large and medium-sized enterprises in the campus network, S3110-SI series Ethernet switches can be used as an access switch, provides exchange services of high performance, large capacity.



Schematic diagram of S3110-SI series switch park access network


Host selection


Number range


H3C S3110-10TP-SI host (with AC power supply input voltage of AC 220V/110V)



H3C S3110-26TP-SI host (with AC power supply input voltage of AC 220V/110V)



H3C S3110-52TP-SI (AC power supply, the input voltage is AC 220V/110V)






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Packaging Details
  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 1.0kg (2.20lb.)
  • Package Size: 1cm x 1cm x 1cm (0.39in x 0.39in x 0.39in)
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